Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a brokering service?

Most people think to use a freighting service directly. What if the freighter breaks down? What if the company cancels on you? When using TransNation, the consumer has access to 10,000 freighters. There is no need to worry about cancellations or breakdowns. In the unlikely event an incident does occur, the next reputable freighter will finish the delivery.

How does the transport process work?

Once TransNation receives paperwork and payments, your vehicle is scheduled for transport based on the dates given on your shipping order. We will then assign a truck for your transport and the driver will contact you to confirm a pick up date. The driver will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle on the Bill of Lading. Both parties will sign this form and receive a copy.

You will then receive a second call from the driver providing you with the estimated delivery time. When your vehicle is delivered, the same Bill of Lading will be used to re-inspect the vehicle. Your car is in great hands with TransNation. We take the upmost precautions to ensure you vehicle is transported safely. However, in the unlikely event that an incident does occur, please report the damage on the Bill of Lading. Again, both parties must sign off on the document to ensure the claims are processed through the insurance company. Any damage documented after the time of delivery will not be processed.

Will my vehicle be insured?

Carriers are insured to meet all Federal and State DOT regulations. Your vehicle is fully inspected at the beginning and end of the transport. Once delivered, we recommend you do a thorough personal inspection of the vehicle. Please document any damage on the Bill of Landing and have the driver sign it. Insurance companies will not process any claims after the documents have been signed.

Will my vehicle stay on one truck?

Yes, TransNation specializes in single truck transports. This ensures that your vehicle is shipped with the highest precautions for safety.

What is the difference between open and enclosed carriers?

Open carriers are exposed to weather and any road conditions there may be during transport. Enclosed carriers keep your vehicle sheltered through the entire duration of the transport to ensure it avoids the environment.

What is the average shipping time?

Shipping time will vary based on the pickup and destination locations. In most cases, it takes 5-8 days for your vehicle to be transported. Vehicles being transported from east to west can sometimes take up to 7-14 days, and vehicles being transported north to south can take up to 3-7 days.

Can you expedite the vehicle?

Yes, if you need to quickly transport a vehicle, we offer an expedited service that will ensure pick up within 72 business hours. However, there is an extra fee involved.

How far in advance should I schedule my transport?

We recommend scheduling your transport 5-7 days before the pick up date.

Can I keep belongings in my vehicle?

Yes. However, any belongings kept in the vehicle are not insured. You may put up to 100 pounds of your personal belongings in the vehicle for transport. It is up to the carriers discretion to whether the amount exceeds 100 pounds. If in fact the weight is over 100 pounds, the carrier reserves the right to increase the payment. No items can block the windows per DOT regulations. Weapons, firearms, illegal substances and contraband are NOT to be put in the vehicle.

How do I pay for my transport?

In order to reserve a spot on the carrier, you must put down a deposit. Deposits are only excepted through credit card, debit card or PayPal. PayPal account is Your deposit amount will be based on the size and weight of the vehicle. The remaining balance is paid to the driver upon delivery. Cash, certified check or money order are all forms of payment the driver will accept.

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